You’ve seen Purpul Hair Oil restore hairlines on your timelines. Here, we learn about the restoring magic of Purpul Hair Oil.

We love the name Purpul, what does it mean?

As a kid I read the book ” The color purple ” since then I’ve loved the color. CIPC (Companies and intellectual property commission) rejected all the intended names for my company, and I just thought of the movie for some odd reason, and changed the spelling lol.

What is the purpose of Purpul Hair Oil?

Its purpose is to grow and maintain healthy hair. For both relaxed and natural hair.

Are there any uses of Purpul Hair Oil that people don’t know about?

You can heat it up to do a hot oil treatment.

Who was the first person to use Purpul Hair Oil?

My colleague, and her feedback was positive. She wanted her hair to have volume, and to my surprise she told me I rescued her hairline, which was the last thing on my mind when I was mixing for her. Since then I have changed the mixture, and have moved to using cold compressed oils.

Has the feedback been what you intended or are your customers getting creative with Purpul Hair Oil?

Yes (don’t know how to explain)

At what moment did you realize that Purpul Hair Oil is serving its purpose?

When I started having regular return of clients, and having new clients that were referrals. There are a lot of products in the market that are cheaper than us. Clients are spoiled for choice, but when they keep coming back or referring it to their families and friends, it means we are doing something right.

Set a goal for your hair, and work towards it like everything in life.

What other products do you have in your range?


We have the hand whipped Shea butter. Which makes the actual hair soft and easy to manage. When the Shea butter is used with the oil, it acts as a sealing agent of the oil. It also has 5 oils inside and we adding more products by the end of February.

Describe Purpul Hair Oil in one word?


Who can buy Purpul Hair Oil?

I recommend it for anyone over 10 years old. Who has hairline problems, needs extra shine and volume. Or just want to maintain their beautiful healthy hair.

How does one get their hands on Purpul Hair products?

Currently you can email us at to place your orders.

What is your advice to women who are beginning a healthy hair journey/regimen?

Avoid braids/straight back for 3 months while treating your hair. Use the right products for your hair type, say no to sulfate, eat right/ take vitamins. Be patient with your hair. We may be the same color but our hair textures are different, don’t compare your hair to the next person’s. Set a goal for your hair, and work towards it like everything in life.

Is there anything else you would like to share about Purpul Oil?

We use only the finest cold pressed oils. With no harsh Chemicals, we selected oils that treat, grow and strengthen hair.

Purpul Hair Contact Details
Twitter: @PurpulHairInstagram: @PurpulHair


Here’s your chance to try Purpul Hair Oil products.
Winning is as easy as: Post your comment, tell us how you protect and care for your hairline and stand a chance to win Purpul Hair Oil and Shea Butter. See T’s & C’s below.


T’s & C’s: Competition is open to South African Citizens only. Competition closes on 15th November 2016. The winner will be announced on the 16th November 2016.
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