You’ve seen Purpul Hair Oil restore hairlines on your timelines. Here, we learn about the restoring magic of Purpul Hair Oil.

We love the name Purpul, what does it mean?

As a kid I read the book ” The color purple ” since then I’ve loved the color. CIPC (Companies and intellectual property commission) rejected all the intended names for my company, and I just thought of the movie for some odd reason, and changed the spelling lol.

What is the purpose of Purpul Hair Oil?

Its purpose is to grow and maintain healthy hair. For both relaxed and natural hair.

Are there any uses of Purpul Hair Oil that people don’t know about?

You can heat it up to do a hot oil treatment.

Who was the first person to use Purpul Hair Oil?

My colleague, and her feedback was positive. She wanted her hair to have volume, and to my surprise she told me I rescued her hairline, which was the last thing on my mind when I was mixing for her. Since then I have changed the mixture, and have moved to using cold compressed oils.

Has the feedback been what you intended or are your customers getting creative with Purpul Hair Oil?

Yes (don’t know how to explain)

At what moment did you realize that Purpul Hair Oil is serving its purpose?

When I started having regular return of clients, and having new clients that were referrals. There are a lot of products in the market that are cheaper than us. Clients are spoiled for choice, but when they keep coming back or referring it to their families and friends, it means we are doing something right.

Set a goal for your hair, and work towards it like everything in life.

What other products do you have in your range?


We have the hand whipped Shea butter. Which makes the actual hair soft and easy to manage. When the Shea butter is used with the oil, it acts as a sealing agent of the oil. It also has 5 oils inside and we adding more products by the end of February.

Describe Purpul Hair Oil in one word?


Who can buy Purpul Hair Oil?

I recommend it for anyone over 10 years old. Who has hairline problems, needs extra shine and volume. Or just want to maintain their beautiful healthy hair.

How does one get their hands on Purpul Hair products?

Currently you can email us at to place your orders.

What is your advice to women who are beginning a healthy hair journey/regimen?

Avoid braids/straight back for 3 months while treating your hair. Use the right products for your hair type, say no to sulfate, eat right/ take vitamins. Be patient with your hair. We may be the same color but our hair textures are different, don’t compare your hair to the next person’s. Set a goal for your hair, and work towards it like everything in life.

Is there anything else you would like to share about Purpul Oil?

We use only the finest cold pressed oils. With no harsh Chemicals, we selected oils that treat, grow and strengthen hair.

Purpul Hair Contact Details
Twitter: @PurpulHairInstagram: @PurpulHair


Here’s your chance to try Purpul Hair Oil products.
Winning is as easy as: Post your comment, tell us how you protect and care for your hairline and stand a chance to win Purpul Hair Oil and Shea Butter. See T’s & C’s below.


T’s & C’s: Competition is open to South African Citizens only. Competition closes on 15th November 2016. The winner will be announced on the 16th November 2016.
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  • Andile

    I protect my hairline by moisturizing it daily with Jamaican Castor Oil and Coconut Oil. Additionally, i don’t comb my hair daily as this stresses it out. And I stay away from hairstyles that pull hard on my hair and scalp.

  • Noma

    To protect my hairline I try to stay away from hairstyles like straight back that pull on my little hairs and when I’ve just got my braids done I stay away from high buns for maybe a week as it puts a strain on my hairline. I also apply castor oil on my hairline before I sleep and I cover my pillow with my silk doek cause when I wear it it usually slides off.

  • Nthabi

    I protect my hairline as follows:
    – by avoiding platting hairstyles that stretch my hair
    – regulary massage my hairline with natural oils.
    – I ensure i sleep with a silk scarf.
    – I dont expose my hair to hest as it damages the hair.
    – Also I don’t use harsh chemicals as they end up causing my hair to break.

    • manechick

      Hi Nthabi. You have won Purpul Hair Oil and Shea Butter 🙂 Please send us your details for delivery.

      • Nthabi

        Hi. Thank you so much. My number is ********** Please email/sms me I’ll give a delivery address 😊😊😊

  • Nthabi

    I protect my hairline as follows:
    – by avoiding platting hairstyles that stretch my hair
    – regulary massage my hairline with natural oils.
    – I ensure i sleep with a silk scarf.
    – I dont expose my hair to heat as it damages the hair.
    – Also I don’t use harsh chemicals as they end up causing my hair to break.

  • Ayanda Nkosi

    I use natural hair products for my hairline; Shea butter, coconut and castor oil, sleep with a satin bonnet and regularly wash and condition. I also try to not plait my hair often as that can sometimes cause bald patches and a receding hairline. I have dreadlocks so taking care of my hairline is crucial.

  • Mandy

    I bought the oil in October 2016. I asked 2uli how to make my own braidspray. I did that and since my hair looks and feels fresh. The volume is brilliant and my hairline is still intact. Castor oil alone never worked for me but I swear by purpul hair oil and it doesn’t smell bad

  • Mandy

    Besides combinining the oil with other ingredients for my hairspray. I massage it on my hairline as well.

  • Nontobeko

    I care for my hairline by massaging it with Jamaica black castor oil. Recently I’ve also added alma oil to my routine. When I get protective hairstyles I make sure to tell whomever is braiding my hair to not pull too tight and when I tie it up.

  • Refilwe

    i Used to protect my hair by using castor oil and coconut oil because i was told that combo does wonders for your hair. It has since done nothing for my hair and would really like to try Purpul Oil

  • happiness Mthwalo

    I keep my scalp properly based and I stay away from braids and hairstyles that may impact my hairline

  • Nonhlanhla Mkhwanazi

    I use castor oil and coconut oil to prevent my hairline. I base my hair 2 or 3 times in a week. I use Purpul Oil as well and it’s working.

  • Nomii

    I make sure my hairline is never dry, by moisturising regularly and wrapping something silky to protect it from my pillow and beanies.

  • Tubi

    I take care of my hairline by 1.moisturising it daily and I use the African Black Castor oil.
    2.I also use coconut oil and raw she butter.
    3.I sleep with a Satin cap every night to retain the moisture on my hair.
    4. I stopped doing hairstyles that strain my hair, instead I have switched to wigs & con rows with my own hair.
    5. I also wash my hair on a weekly basis to avoid product build up on my scalp.
    6. I don’t go anywhere near products with sulphates and parabens.
    7. I also drink lots of water and eat healthy

  • Gabisile

    Honestly, I’ve never used any oils on my fro. It’s the first time I’ve been in this blog and I’ve beeeeeeeeeeeen trying to understand which oils I should use. I’ve tried to protect my hairline and succeeded by avoiding hairstyles that pull on my hairline such as tiny twist braids (it’s even worse when tie them up in a ponytail!). I also don’t comb my hair everyday and when I do, I make sure that it’s abit damp to avoid pulling on it.

  • Ayanda

    I use organic natural oils, like coconut oil + castor oil to massage my hair line. Moisturise twice a day. Wash my hair once a week. With protective hairstyles I ease up on pulling and tightening my hair line

  • phethile

    I have a sensitive hairline and it has always had weak momenrs so i constantly monitor the area and give it extra TLC Avoid wearing elastic headbands , wearing a satin scarf at night, minimizing pulling the hair the hair back too tight, moisturizing my edeges with coconut oil.

  • Rochelle

    I need purpul hair products because Dololo hairline 💔

  • Thando

    I have relaxed hair so to preserve my hairlineby massaging Jamaican Black Castor Oil and coconut oil onto my hairline to stimulate growth and moisture.
    I try to limit strain on my hairline so I avoid plaiting often, when I do get braids, I ask them to plant them not as tight in the front.
    I sleep with a satin scarf.
    I avoid relaxing every month. only once every 3 months

  • Rhiannon Olivier

    I take care of my hair by washing it once a week with a low sulfate shampoo and deep conditioning it. I alternate this wash with a co-wash.

    I keep my hair moisturised daily with my water and olive oil mixture and/or a creamy moisturiser.

    I also try to do a hot oil treatment or Apple Cider vinegar rinse once a month depending on what my hair needs

    I keep my hair away from heat and in protective styles

  • Ntshembho

    I have always had really sensitive hair. Recently shaved it off just to restart. My hairline is growing back slowly bit surely, with Jamaican black castor oil. I use coconut oil too too keep it moisturised but sadly still have a flaky scalp problem. *Pick me, pick me, pick me!!! Pretty please……?

  • Eurasia

    I’ve learned to sleep with silk/satin pillow cases and headwraps. Cotton materials absorb oils out of your hair, scalp massages every night before bed do wonders, protective styles and using your fingers more than a comb/brush is better 🙂

  • Lebogang

    To protect my hairline I don’t put too much strain on my hair, meaning I don’t pull or tug on it alot by minimising on getting small braids since I love braids. I get a reasonable size but I don’t keep them for too long and when they’re out I give my hair suffient time to breath. I was my hair weekly if lazy then every week and a half. I do hot hot treatment and protein treatments alternatively depending on what my hair needs at that time. I Base my sculp with JBCO and also spritz my hair with either plain water (to keep it moist and hydrated) or aloe Vera in water as it also helps with my sculp. I Base my sculp maybe 2 to 3 times a week and do twists at night.

  • Nwabisa

    The only consistent thing I do is keep it out of all my hairstyles and protective styles with a flat twist, so that it doesn’t experience tension at all… I honestly have yet to find a oil to completely restore my hairline. Using JBCO and Coconut Oil has worked wonders for my hair and I’ve seen very lil progress with my hairline

  • Dikeledi

    I use the following fir my hairline
    1. Black castor oil
    2. Jojoba oil
    3. Tea tree oil