When it comes to saving money on hair maintenance, the style you choose can make a major difference in your long-term savings. 

Consider going with one of these cost-saving hairstyles.

Faux locs


This hairstyle might cost a lot to install, but its worth it as it can last up to three months. And with faux locs, the older they get, the nicer they become. You need about 3 packs and one pack will cost you R80, the installation costs from R600, depending where you get it done.



Braids have always been the best go to hairstyle to save money. Just like faux locs, they can last up to three months. Remember to wash and treat them regularly.

Bantu knots


Bantu knots are trendy right now and they are easy to do. They wont last as long as braids or faux locs, but they will save you a lot of money as you can do them yourself. You can either do them with your own hair or add extensions for volume. You can use the braid extensions, which shouldn’t cost you more that R15 per pack.



A hair weave most definitely requires less maintenance. You can wash your weave at home, especially when you have a curly or wavy textured weave.

Faux fro


Another trendy hairstyle right now is the faux fro. This style is great as you can blend it in with your natural hair and no one will be able to tell that you have extensions. The problem with the faux fro is that doesn’t last long, but the hair piece is affordable. You can get it at Kinky for R75, ask for Afro Twist.

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