If you’ve just gone natural you’re obviously eager to remove all chemicals that tortured your hair and the best way to do this is through a scalp detox.


Scalp detox treatments become an important part of your hair regimen if you want to free your scalp from product build-up, let your scalp breathe and most importantly allow your scalp to absorb moisture effectively. To get the most out of scalp detox treatments we’ve asked your favorite bloggers to share their tips and tricks on how they maintan a healthy scalp.


Chisomo Nthulane


Which products/home remedies do you use to detox your scalp?

I use a bentonite clay mix with water, apple cider vinegar and aloe vera juice to detox my scalp. I don’t add any natural or essential oils as I feel it defeats the purpose of detoxification. I also use Selsun when I happen to get dandruff just to clear off the dandruff and restore my scalp to its healthy and usual old self.

How often do you detox your scalp?

I try and detox at least once a month with bentonite clay. I find its benefits to be threefold: it clarifies, moisturises and conditions the hair, leaving the hair soft which is something every natural desires. I generally only use Selsun every once in a blue moon when dandruff decides to strike.

Scalp detox tips

When it comes to detoxifying the scalp, I think what some people forget – me included – is that our hair still grows from it so you don’t want to use something that works well on the scalp, but dries out the hair or vice versa. If you can, find something that works well for both and try to incorporate it into your regimen at least once a month so that you give your hair and scalp that fresh start it needs. Healthy hair requires healthy hair practices, and it goes without saying that the more natural ingredients you use, the better, as your hair will react better towards it and won’t require additional products in order to ward off any harsh effects.


Unathi Petros

Which products/home remedies do you use to detox your scalp?

I’m a recovering product junkie so I used to dabble with a lot of shampoos (sulphate free or low sulphate). While the shampoos are still great for cleansing my hair, I found that my scalp would still have some product build-up. I now use Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to cleanse after shampooing [Mix 50 ml ACV + 500 ml water], scrub my scalp thoroughly and rinse.  Sometimes I even skip the shampoo.

How often do you detox your scalp?

Once a month, and that is because I co-wash twice a month. I should actually be doing it more often because I’m busy trying out a lot of products lately.

Scalp detox tips

  • You can use the ACV mix for conditioning as well, if you leave it in your hair for longer.
  • For the mix, people suggest you use filtered water instead of plain tap water and I get why. But hey look, I hardly plan my wash days and when I do wash I don’t have a filter or distilled water lying around. Warm water works just fine for me, thank you very much.
  • Stay away from harsh shampoos, your hair and scalp might feel squeaky clean but you don’t want to deplete all the moisture.
  • Cleanse in sections so you can access your scalp better, especially if your hair is medium to long.
  • I personally don’t base my scalp because I have medium-fine hair and the oils/moisturisers I use somehow find a way to reach my scalp. However, if you think you need it then do put some of that goodness back into your scalp to avoid dandruff and itchiness.
  • There is a variety of cleansing recipes that you can mix for yourself, using baking soda/ACV/bentonite clay as your main ingredient so go ahead and experiment to see what works for you.


Hulisani Khorombi

Scalp detox ingredients

1/2 cup of conditioner
20 drops of peppermint oil
4 tablespoons of brown sugar
Mix and apply onto wet hair which has been sectioned into four or six parts.

Why I use these ingredients

The conditioner is my base. It helps with application of the ingredients that I want in my hair while keeping it moist so that my hair doesn’t become crinkly. I have used peppermint oil for a long time now and I wouldn’t suggest that someone just staring out should go for so many drops. It is amazingly revitalizating for the scalp and I adore the tingly sensation. However, too much of a good thing is never great and I remember when I started out I had scabbing on my scalp because I used too much. So be careful ladies.

Sugar makes you go! That’s what my mom always said. I use sugar because I want the granules. When massaging my scalp I find that they are the softest treatment and give me a gentle stimulation. That combined with the peppermint oil makes me feel wonderful after a detox. I massage for a total of two minutes per section and then leave the mix on for a further 30 minutes- an hour with a shower cap on. Wash with lukewarm water to get the sugar out completely.

How often do you detox your scalp?

I do this once a month. I haven’t felt the need to do it more often and my hair enjoys the switch up from a normal deep conditioner which I do every weekend.

Scalp detox tips

Mix and match ingredients in order to find what works for you. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your own hair. At most there are guidelines but remember that rules were meant to be broken. I mean, who ever thought to put sugar mixed with peppermint in their hair. Do you boo

How do you maintain a heathy scalp? Share your comments below.

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