Of all the expensive products and long routines that come with our hair regimens, the daily spritz remains the cheapest and quickest way to keep your hair hydrated and refresh your everyday hairstyles.

The purpose of the spritz is to moisturize with water as the main/only ingredient. All you do is spritz your hair then apply your choice of oil and cream to seal in the moisture. Repeat this once or twice a day depending on how much moisture your hair needs. To get the most out of the daily spritz some women add other ingredients that further nourish their hair. We asked our favorite hair bloggers Jemima, Thandi and Kerotsi to share their daily spritz recipes and we find out why these specific ingredients work best for their hair.

Jemima – limitlessblossom


What’s in your daily spritz?

My spritz is made up of 2 components; they are Hydrogen and Oxygen lol. Yes I mean good old plain water

Why do you use these ingredients?

I try to keep my hair care regime as simple as possible. I wash my hair once a month so I try not to use too many products in order to avoid that rancid oil smell in my hair yuck! I have tried spritz before but i found that it makes my hair too oily. So I now moisturise my hair every 3 days or once a week (depending on hairstyle) and then spritz daily with water.

Use whatever works for your hair and use as much as it needs. For those of you with very tight kinks like myself, try not to be too concerned with shrinkage when using water.  Your hair will thank you for it.


Thandi Ngomane –  Sumtin N8ive


What’s in your daily spritz?

My spritz ingredients change from time to time, but at the moment I have filled up my bottle with water (about 97% of the bottle), olive oil, jbco and a few drops of peppermint oil.

Why do you use these ingredients?

My hair is colour treated and it can get really dry, so I need all the moisture I can get ! High content of water because water is the number 1 moisturiser! Peppermint oil, amongst all the other amazing benefits, I LOVE the cooling effect it has on my scalp. Olive oil for its conditioning benefits and JBCO for the SHINE!

Be consistent with moisturising your hair. I spritz my hair twice a day, depending on the style I have on. Even if you don’t have oils, you can use plain ol’ water. It makes a huge difference!

Kerotsi – Kerotsi Hair Journey


What’s in your daily spritz?

My spritz consists of 50% water, 25% Aloe vera juice and 20% glycerin, with 5% of rosemary and lavender essential oils and olive oil.

Why do you use these ingredients?


Water is a great moisturiser so I use it as a base for the spritz. I use glycerin since its a humectant and does promote retention of moisture  (depending on the climate though). Aloe vera juice is great for combating frizziness and dry hair. I use essential oils mainly for the aroma they give to my spritz.


So, what’s in your daily spritz?

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