I’ve always loved bun hairdos a.k.a lephondo. I’ve always associated bun hairdos with the “I’m-too-busy-and-way-too-cool-to-do-a-complicated-hairstyle” kind of woman.

Bun hairdos are pure convenience, they will save you time. If you have long hair/extensions they just give you a break from removing hair off your face every second. But the lovely thing is bun hairdos are so pretty, and safe for your hairline with less pulling of course. When you have tied a bun, your face finally gets time shine and don’t get me started on the accessories popping. This is why we love them:

It takes a few seconds to tie a bun



Tie them loose, tuck in the ends and you have a protective hairstyle

Create a puffy Afro look




I don’t look like what I’ve been through, cause what I’ve been through doesn’t define me. A photo posted by Joan Akob (@joanakob) on

It’s all in the details

What’s your favourite bun hairdo?

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@chwaimgobo for #SpotTheMane

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