Having style doesn’t always have to leave you with an empty wallet. We provide you with plenty of ways to trim your hair care budget – without cutting back on beauty.

Shop around
Switch up your stlist from time to time. Hair schools are a good place to cut down on costs. The stylists there are being professionally trained, and they are under the supervision of more advanced stylists.

Spread it out
One surefire way to avoid spending too much money at the salon is to not spend too much time at the salon. By extending the time between your regular salon sessions you can also stretch your rands a bit further. Rather than making your salon trips every two weeks, go every 8 to 10 or 10 to 12 weeks, make sure your maintain your hair yourself in between.

Do it yourself
There are a few services worth going to see a stylist for, no matter what. You can go to the salon for braiding, colouring, trimming and anything you can’t do at home, but things like treating your hair, conditioning and shampooing, you can easily do that at home.


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