Hairline loss can be the most demeaning period of a girl’s hair journey. You can’t wear your hair confidently, it can take a while to recover and in some cases it can lead to alopecia.

Bopila ba kgotlhellwa. A Tswana phrase that means “Beauty is pain”. The more uncomfortable you feel the more beautifying the results will be. Sure! No pain no gain but when do we draw the line? Especially with our precious hair follicles! The truth is our manes go through a lot in the name of beauty and most hairstyles and chemicals that are meant to give our manes life end up sacrificing our hairlines for it.

What causes hairline loss?

Excessive pulling is common in styling because we hope that it makes the hairstyle last longer and in some cases forcing extensions onto hair that is too short to plait.

It is important to understand the ingredients that go into the products we use. Some harsh chemicals commonly used in hair products include Isopropyl Alcohol, Fragrance, and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS).

Weight of hair
If your hair extensions are uncomfortably heavy, don’t dwell on pain for beauty, chances are your scalp is complaining. The weight pulling the hair down or up causes breakage around your hairline area.

Excessive styling
Give your mane a break, excessive hair pulling to the limit of your hair elasticity will leave your strands with no choice but to break, as it will have no more room to expand


Tips to growing your hairline back

Go natural
Natural is always better, the time spent in overnight styling, co-washing; overnight protection on silk pillowcases and hot oil treatments is nothing when weighed against the struggles of growing back your hairline after an unhealthy loss.

Natural oils like Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Black Castor oil, and Avocado oil stimulate hair growth. Massage oil regularly on your hairline area to allow for blood to flow, blood flow brings oxygen and oxygen brings new life for your mane.

Let your hair down
If you have been excessively styling, give your mane a break. During this time you can switch up your look with head wraps and wigs that aren’t too tight on your hairline area. Head wraps are great and quick for protecting your hair but of course the material used is important and fortunately some head wraps come with a silk lining to further protect you hair.

Low-risk hairstyles
If worn with caution, protective hairstyles encourage hair to grow freely. Loosen your hairstyles as much as you can. Go for protective hairstyles that are low-risk like loose buns and loose braids, twist outs, Bantu knots, and flat twists.

Eat healthy and drink lots of water
A healthy body will ensure that your hair gets enough nutrients too. To mention a few, eat your greens for Vitamin A, nibble on nuts for omega-3, get your protein from eggs and drink your daily dose of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Sharing is caring. Have you experienced hairline loss and managed to get it back? Share your regime and products you used. We’d love to hear and share your story.

This article was requested by Ndiene Vhangani
We hope this helps.

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