Take a hair porosity test. Knowing your hair porosity will put you one step closer to understanding what products your hair needs, how much and how often you should apply them.


Hair porosity test

First things first, take a hair porosity test (there are many ways to test hair porosity, we chose this one as it is easy with readily available ingredients). Take a strand of your hair, put it in a glass filled with water and wait for a few minutes to see the results. Low porosity hair will sink on top, Medium porosity hair will float in the middle while High porosity hair sinks to the bottom.


Low porosity hair

The cuticle layer is closed and that deprives the hair of moisture. To allow moisture to penetrate you have to use heat/warmth to open up the cuticles. Some of the safest ways to create warmth include: warming your Conditioner before applying, wearing a plastic cap (also known as the green house effect) as part of your night time routine, and using warm water to wash.


Medium porosity hair

Medium porosity hair is the easiest to maintain. The cuticle layer is loose enough to let moisture in and retain just enough. Because the cuticle layer is open, heat and chemicals can easily transform your hair porosity from Medium to High.


High porosity hair

The function of the cuticle layer is to protect the context. If it is absent or wide open, the hair excessively absorbs moisture and loses it just as easy. Most High porosity hair is damage due to excessive use of chemicals such as hair dyes and relaxers. Some of the methods used to manually close the cuticle layer include: using cold water to wash, massaging hair strands out and using heavy sealants to keep the moisture in for longer.


When it comes to taking care of your hair, the learning never stops. Happy Wash Day!

Art by Oresegun Olumide 

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