Meet the woman behind Kiddies Korner, who is aiming to make salon visits as fun as possible for little people.

We visited Kiddies Korner hair salon together with little Mpumi, whose father has been updating us on the progress of her hair growth through Instagram.

Kiddies Korner is a kids’ salon in Northriding, on a mission to improve the knowledge about kids’ hair and make salon visits pleasant and entertaining. While Mpumi and her dad picked their desired hairstyle we had a chat with Mbali Mncwabe, the founder of Kiddies Korner hair salon.


What inspired you to open a kids’ hair salon?

My salon experiences as a child were unpleasant, our hair was being styled by people who were not catering for children, they lacked the patience and gentleness that kids’ hair required.

Kids’ hair goes through a lot because kids play, you should see the amount of sand that comes out after washing their hair and that shows how much extra attention they need. My experiences created a desire to fill the gap that’s missing in the salon business. I’ve always wanted to open a salon but didn’t know it was going to be for kids. After understanding the industry better and wanting to create something different I decided to open a salon that specialises in kids’ hair.


Working with kids

Every child has a different personality. Their different personalities keep me going. Our social media focuses on telling the stories of every client, the screamers, the singers, the storytellers and the little teddy bears that comfort them through the process. These are the stories that are closest to my heart; they create a bond that makes the next salon visit a little bit easier and more fun than the previous one.

It breaks my heart when they cry during the experience, some kids even cry over seeing a comb because of their past experiences. And we’ve had parents that lack the patience of giving it another try when the first visit fails. What they don’t realise is that the fear started at home or other salons where they did not consider caring for kids’ hair and being gentle in the process. And overtime they do get used to getting their hair done and understand that they don’t have to go through all the pain.


What’s the next step for Kiddies Korner?

My plan is to gain more skills, hire more stylists and cater for a wider variety of hair types. My plan is to grow the industry and to expand the idea of specialising for kids.


What have you learned so for from kiddies Korner?

I learn everyday, initially I thought the problem I was solving was the kid that’s kicking and screaming throughout the process but I’ve come to learn that I’m also an answer to the busy parent that hasn’t got enough time to sit and plait their kids’ hair. I’ve also learned that a lot of parents do want to learn they just don’t know where to go or where to begin. And that gives Kiddies Korner a lot of room for growth.


There is more that goes into keeping little people entertained during the process of doing their hair. The steps taken at Kiddies Korner prepares their hair for styling to ensure that the process is pain-free and the most important thing is that the hairstylists are gentle and patient.

Mpumi loved her new protective hairstyle and we hope this inspires more parents to make time to learn about little people’s hair.


Kiddies Korner contact details

Mbali Mncwabe
081 276 0090

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