The secret to rocking a Pearl Thusi inspired braided bun? Box braids! Box braids are a great, protective style ideal for women juggling parenthood with a busy career.

Box braids are low maintenance and allow your hair to rest. Our Mane Chick, Amanda Ndlangisa, who usually rocks her braided bun shows you how to achieve the same look.

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A hairstyle like this is best achieved starting with hair 12 inches and longer. Its great for any hair length, but longer hair will give you the option to style it like Pearl Thusi.

  • To style, let go of your braids, spritz them with water and apply your moisturizer.
  • Begin at the nape, make a once-inch horizontal parting from left to right, then a one-inch vertical section to create an ‘box’ before braiding.
  • Once your box braids are complete, sweep your hair in a ponytail using elastic or any string you can find. Bend over, letting all your braids come to the front, put your band from the front till your braids are at a place you want them to be, eg: if you want your bun in the front then tie your braids immediately but if you want it in the middle then keep pushing your band till it’s where you want it to be. Tie your band and roll your braids around the way you want, you can use bobby pins to make sure your braids stay at the same place throughout the day or night.

Keep it fresh

  • Wear your box braids no longer than 6 weeks before removing them. Remember, before taking your braids out; mist them with a mixture of water and olive oil to soften hair, allowing them to unravel easily.
  • While you have your braids one, wear a silk scarf or bonet (you can get them at Clicks or Dis-Chem) over night to prevent moisture loss and breakage.
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