Moriribylesedi is launching a fresh winter campaign and you don’t want to miss it!



We recently had the pleasure of spending the morning with Moriribylesedi and the #moririarmy. It’s been two years into the business, the demand has grown and it’s time to hit the refresh button. Moriribylesedi is working on a new campaign to show you what’s in store for this winter. We asked Lesedi:

What does this campaign mean to Moriribylesedi?

The campaign means a brand refresh. While we don’t feel that the current brand imagery isn’t aesthetically pleasing there is a need for a slight upgrade. The brand has been around for two years now and still staying within the brand style there is need for imagery that showcases how we have grown as well as what we look like now.

What can your customers expect from this campaign?

Staying true to who we are customers can expect a beautiful, light hearted and clean campaign that looks and feel just like them. We want every girl to see themselves in the models and imagery and understand that its them that we want to represent. A beautiful everyday girl who can be beautiful and be whoever she wants with our range, who wears her crown her way and defines how SHE wants to look.

How will you be launching the campaign?

That will be a surprise but we will see that it will be a seamless reveal of every woman crown!

Here’s a sneak peak from behind the scenes:





The campaign is due to drop in June so while you plot your winter protective hairstyles remember to pop in at – they cannot wait to crown you!

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