Manes spotted rocking the underchop

We are in love with the undercut and it’s endless possibilities. This haircut went from being as simple as the Fade to exploration of colour and texture. At first this haircut seemed like a bold move to make considering your hair will grow uneven. But after chatting to a lot of women during this Spot The Mane series we realized that there’s more to it, the underchop only serves as a blank canvas for edgy colours, sleek weaves, bold braids and dreadlocks. And when your hair grows you can either refresh the cut or let it grow into another interesting hair cut.

If you are thinking of chopping here’s some inspiration:

Khanyi Xaba’s underchop with a faux locks high bun


Keep it sleek like Thabang by adding weave extentions and a trim


Mbuso keeping it simple with an afro.


Kay’s bonded sides gives her underchop some edginess


Play with colour


Add some volume


Long fauxlocs give you more room to play




If you have underchopped send us your selfies we’d love to see how you have spiced it up.

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