Chatting about Phindi’s love for hair, her career as an Architectural Designer and an instant makeover that left me feeling O’natural

Tell us about Phindi…

I was born in the Eastern Cape in Umtata. I have two older sisters, one younger sister, a very naughty nephew and two nieces. I studied Architectural Technology in Durban then came to Joburg to work as an Architectural Designer. I recently got married to my high school sweet heart and we have a six year old son.

When did you decide to make and sell wigs?

In October 2014 I was a bit frustrated with my hair so i did a bit of research on improving my hair styles besides having box braids and cornrows. So I made my own wig, my husband loved it, I posted a pic on social media and people commented positively asking me if I can make some for them.

Have you always been into crafts?

I have done so many crafty projects, to a point where my husband complained about materials like cement and boxes laying around the house due to incomplete projects. But luckily with O’natural wigs, I tried it, I enjoyed it and I don’t plan to stop. I always knew that if I start a business it has to be with a product I can make or create by myself.

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to your hair?

(Laughs) When I was about 14 years old I remember having yaki braids once and I wanted to cut it into a bob. So I asked my sister to cut it and she made a mess of it. It was not balanced and I had to go to school the next day, it was embarrassing, I was so upset and I cried. Since that day I vowed to never let her touch my hair with scissors again.

What have you learned from O’natural wigs?


Before I started making O’natural wigs I never used to take care of my Natural hair. As soon as I started O’natural wigs I realized that I also needed to take care of what’s underneath. So I spent more time researching on how to take care of my natural hair and hopefully I’ll have a big afro soon.

What inspired the name O’natural?

It was inspired by the song All natural by H2O (starts singing)

Black women are becoming more conscious of their own beauty especially hair, what are your thoughts on this revolution?

I love it so much, I see so many women with beautiful hair and I’m thinking “why did I have to cut my hair?!” (laughs) It is amazing, I love the fact that black girls are now embracing their natural hair and taking care of it. I love the fact that we now know that our hair can grow to lengths we never imagined.

What do you plan to achieve with O’natural?

I want to build an empire. I am currently on a 9 to 5 job and using this time to build the brand. In future I would love to work on O’natural full time, employ and inspire black women. The joy that O’natural brings to my customers when I deliver the wigs inspires me to do more.

After the interview I had an instant O’natural makeover


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