Whether it’s the signature pompadour style or Afro, Janelle Monae can be spotted rocking ultracool hairstyles. Here’s our quick top 3 looks from 2015.

Sassy Afro

We hardly ever get to see her rocking her Afro. But when she does, she looks adorable. Here, she’s accessorised it with a hat, which adds a funky dimension to her style.

Pompadour Power

In music videos, award shows or TV interviews, this is the look that has become synonymous with Janelle. It’s elegant, unique and a nice mix of masculinity-meets-femininity.

Mumbo Jumbo

Quick, easy and trendy, jumbo braids are your go-to solutions when you want to tame your mane. Janelle makes it look avant garde, in a way that only she can.

Photos: IG

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